Rey Mey

Ray Mey is a thirty year veteran in counter-terrorism; with special emphasis in security planning

and management in the major event world.


Oversight & Experience

Ray served twenty two years in the FBI agent, with seventeen in key leadership positions.   He was the agency’s point person in the development of anti-terrorism plans and intelligence for five Olympic Games, three FIFA World Cups, The G-8 Summit, the Super Bowl and dozens of other high profile sports, entertainment and events of National and International importance.


Ray has applied his unparalleled experience to major events around the world .  His  expertise in both planning and the practical application of anti-terror tactics and crisis management have served many of the worlds largest sports management teams.


Ray’s professional working relationships with relevant Federal, State and Local law enforcement and Military agencies has served as a cornerstone of the trust required for a seem-less one-team approach to event security management.


Ray Mey managed and coordinated FBI Counter-terrorism Operational Response worldwide to terrorism incidents. He was responsible for Program Oversight of the National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF). He has extensive experience in crisis management and tactical operations including serving in key leadership roles in the resolution of numerous hostage and other crisis incidents.